Honeymoons & Romantic Safaris in Kenya

A honeymoon in Kenya is full of possibility - sleep under the stars on the high plains of Laikipia, share an intimate candlelit dinner in the wilderness of the Mara or sunbathe and swim on the shores of the warm Indian Ocean. With a range of stunning landscapes and luxurious accommodations, Kenya is the perfect setting for a romantic, exclusive and unforgettable honeymoon!

The best time of year for a honeymoon to Kenya depends on where exactly you are planning on going. For safaris south of Nairobi including the Maasai Mara, anytime of year except April and May will be fine, whereas north of Nairobi, November is the month to avoid. There isn't really a specific wet or dry season at Kenya's coast, but it can be particularly rainy from April to June and in November.

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