Kilimanjaro & Masai Mara - 6 days Flight Road Safari from Moombasa, Diani or Watamu

1 PAX = Euro 1,500 p/p

Private Safari at Kilimanjaro & Masai Mara - Tsavo West, Amboseli, Lake Naivasha, Masai Mara

Maasai Mara is arguably the most visited where virtually every wildlife is to be spotted with over 450 species of animals have been recorded here. A chance to spot lions, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, giraffe, wildebeests, zebras, buffalo, warthogs, hyenas, jackals, wild dogs, buffalo, leopard, elephant and many more in plenty within the greater Mara ecosystem which plays host to the annual 7th wonder of world, the yearly migration of over 2 million wildebeest and zebras (July to October), following on their heels are the predators of the savanna- lion, cheetah, wild dog, jackal, hyena and vultures, always ready to make a kill!. An experience of a life time for any visitor to witness such a rare phenomenon.

At Lake Naivasha you have the option of visiting Crescent Island or spending the afternoon on an exciting boat ride, watch over hippos, water-bucks among other wildlife species.

Tsavo East / West, is home to red elephants of Tsavo, among others in plenty and the legendary “Man Eaters of Tsavo”, a pride of marauding lions which terrorized maimed and killed railway construction workers in 1889, has marvelous natural attractions some ideal to spot majority of the game including the Aruba dam, favorite watering point for the parks wildlife.

Amboseli National park with its stunning back drop of the snow-capped Mt Kilimanjaro, the only free standing mountain in the world, can be seen early morning and in the evening, weather permitting. The park is indeed a photographers paradise known for its huge concentration of African elephants can be spotted in large numbers as well as Cheetah, hyenas, buffalos, Topi, Zebra, Giraffes among other wildlife and bird species, a must visit for any visitor.

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Day 1 Mombasa, Diani, Watamu - Tsavo West National Park

In the morning we are waiting for you at your beach hotel. The route to the park entrance at the legendary Maneaters Point, where the two lions Ghost and Darkness (spirit and darkness) ate more than 100 people at the time of the railway construction, is in good condition.

On your first game drive in one of the most scenic parks you will definitely discover the red elephants of the Tsavo, among other animals, which powder themselves with laterite colored soil in order to protect themselves against the burning sun and annoying vermin. With a bit of luck, your driver has already tracked down lions, a leopard or even a pack of very rare African wild dogs. Just in time for lunch you reach your lodge with the most famous and most photographed waterhole. You now have time to relax before your next observation tour starts around 4 p.m.

- Dinner and overnight in the 4* to 5* star lodge/camp

Day 2 Tsavo West National Park - Amboseli National Park

In the morning after breakfast and a game drive, you gradually leave the protected area and drive along the Tansan border to the Amboseli National Park. On the way, stop at Oloitokitok with the best view of the highest free-standing mountain on earth. Upon arrival at the camp, you can enjoy lunch and then have the opportunity to take a refreshing dip in the pool. Your guide will be waiting for you around 4 p.m.

On the subsequent animal observation trip you will explore the mostly dry plain with its swamp-like wetlands. On request, go up the steps to the Observation Hill viewpoint and then go in search of the wildlife in the protected area, which is home to more than 50 different mammal species and is also the most visited area of Kenya.

- Dinner and overnight stay at 4* to 5* Lodge/Camp

Day 3 Day Amboseli National Park - Lake Naivasha

After a timely breakfast, we are going on a recommendable early morning rush – which should start at 6.30 a.m. At this time you not only have the best chance to experience the summit of the snow-covered Kilimanjaro and its neighbors the Mawenzi cloud-free, but you can also look forward to magnificent animal observations. On your day's stage today, head east first and then take the well-developed road to Nairobi. This is followed by the entrance to the Great Rift Valley – the largest ditch on earth and an outstanding scenic feature of East Africa.

You can enjoy the fantastic panorama at View Point. Just in time for lunch, the property is located at 1,890 metres high fresh water lake. On an afternoon boat trip you will discover hippo families, bathing buffaloes in the shore grass and countless bird species. The Eldorado for bird lovers is home to many waterfowl, but also colourful bee-eaters, kingfishers, peach-heads and nectar-birds.

- Dinner and overnight at 4* -5* Lodge/Camp

Day 4 Lake Naivasha - Masai Mara Reserve

Today you continue to the Mara Reserve. After the first animal watching sit along the route, you will be able to reach your property, where lunch is served. You have time to rest until the next game drive, which starts at 4 p.m. In one of the 5 most lion-rich areas of Africa, from July to October you can see the huge herds of animals of the striped wildebeest, zebras and antelopes. Nevertheless, Kenya's wildest protected area is always worth a visit.

Until dusk you go in search of elephants, giraffes, gazelles, buffaloes, zebras and antelopes. In addition to lion, leopard and cheetah, you can also observe small predators such as Serval, Desert Lynx and Ginsterkatze. At the end of the game drive you should have seen a large part of the native wildlife and captured unforgettable impressions with your camera.

- Dinner and overnight stay at 4* to 5* Lodge/Camp

5th Day Masai Mara Reserve

At sunrise, you will receive your picnic lunch and start your all-day Mara excursion. You may see elephants in a mud bath or witness a spectacular lion hunt – the park always has fascinating moments for animal lovers. You will spend the whole day with animal watching and extensive game drives. Seasonal, you will visit the river crossing points, which are preferably used by the herds of striped wildebeest and steppe zebras to reach juicier pastures.

Perhaps you will witness such a breathtaking and heartbreaking crossing of the Mara River, where wildebeest, zebras or antelopes fall victim to the greedy reptiles. Otherwise, listen to the grunt concert of large hippo families and see crocodiles with huge body measurements. End an exciting and eventful day comfortably with a romantic campfire.

- Dinner and overnight stay at 4* to 5* Lodge/Camp

Day 6 Masai Mara Reserve - Nairobi - Mombasa

On your last day of safari, you can opt for a timely game drive. In the early morning, when the day is still very young and an almost consecrated silence dominates the savannah, one experiences the most spectacular animal observations. Either you will witness Africa's predatory cats yielding to their hunting instincts, or notice how last night's prey is being dismembered. After breakfast at the camp, say goodbye. On your return journey you have the opportunity to buy a small souvenir.

Then continue along the old, serpentine Rift Road, which was once beaten by prisoners of war into the steep slope of the quarry stage into the Kenyan capital. After lunch we will take you to the airport for the one-hour flight to Mombasa. Upon arrival, a transfer will be available to take you back to the Beach Hotel.


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